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Featured Products

Breath Pacer Lamp - Breathe in (blue)

Breath Pacer Lamp

Benefits of Slow Deep Breathing
  • Reduced Stress - Anxiety
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Mental Clarity

Breath Pacer Lamp

Medical studies report that deep breathing benefits include reduced blood pressure, lower stress, with an increase in mental clarity, focus and concentration.    ...   Read more

Coincidence Circuit  

Coincidence Circuit

Our coincidence circuit has two geiger counter pulse inputs and one pulse output. Coincidence circuits are used in nuclear physics experiments.

Coincidence Circuit

The concept of the "method of coincidence" was developed by German physicist Walther Bothe in 1929, for which he received the 1954 Nobel Prize in Physics.    ...   Read more

GCA-03 Analog/ Digital Meter Geiger Counter   

GCA-03 Analog/Digital Meter Geiger Counter

Features & Benefits
  • Outputs Digital Counts Per Second (CPS) value
  • Outputs radiation level (imperial / metric)
  • Analog radiation field strength meter
  • NRC Certification Available
  • LCD Backlight

Geiger Counter - GCA-03 Analog / Digital Meter

This geiger counter has a Analog-Digital Meter. In addition to a digital output that provides a TTL logic pulse each time a radioactive particle is detected.    ...   Read more

Plasma Arc Speaker   

Plasma Arc Speaker

What is a Plasma Arc Speaker?

Plasma is a hot ionized gas that is electrically conductive. The plasma arc speaker creates a plasma arc using a high voltage electrical discharge.

When an audio signal is passed through the plasma it causes it to vibrate in sync with the audio signal. The plama in turn vibrates the air around it to create sound.

Plasma Arc Speaker

The Plasma Arc Speaker has a 3.5mm audio input jack for use with MP3 players, computers, phones, etc. and uses a 12VDC power supply, included.   ...   Read more

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