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Sled Isotope Holder & Wand Sled for Geiger Counter Wand

Sled Isotope Holder Configuration 2

The Geiger counter wand base provides a stable platform to hold the Geiger counter wand for experiments. The physical dimensions of the base are 2" wide by 12" long. The length of the base has markings in both metric and imperial.

Sled Isotope Holder Configuration 1 The sled isotope holder provides a stable and moveable platform for radioactive isotopes 1" diameter discs. The sled isotope holder is available in two sizes:
One that holds 1/8" thick discs and the other to hold 1/4" thick discs.

Radioactive Isotope Holder When used in conjunction with the Sled Isotope Holder a number of nuclear experiments may be performed such as the Inverse Square Law of radiation, half life, shielding effects, etc. Radioactive Isotope Holder

* Wand is not included with sled or holder purchase.

SIHB-01 - $39.95
Sled Isotope Holder & Base (2 piece set)
BASE-01 - $30.00
Base for wand ONLY
SLED-1/8 - $14.95
1/8" Radioactive Isotope Holder
SLED-1/4 - $14.95
1/4" Radioactive Isotope Holder

Universal Wand Holder

Universal Wand Holder

Wooden Holder secures wand while conducting experiments. May be used horizontally or vertically. Marked every 1/8". Overall Size 1.5" x 1.5" x 4.75".

GCW-HOLD - $24.95

Universal Wand Holder