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Graphite Levitation Kit - Explore the properties of diamagnetic material Superconductor Kits & Accessories - Varied experiments demonstrating levitation and energy storage
Ecospheres - Enclosed Ecosystem; self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass UFO Detector - Build your own UFO detection kit, detects Magnetic field disturbances
Curie Effect Heat Engine - Curie Effect Magnetic Heat Engine Nitinol Heat Engine - Nitinol Wire Heat Engine
Kirlian Photography - High Voltage contact print photography Solar Engine Projects - Build your own solar powered engines
Speech Index - Speech Recognition Technology High Voltage Projects - Build your own high voltage power supplies
Nitinol Products - Nitinol is a shape memory alloy. Its operation resembles that of a muscle; contracting when heated Robotic Arm - The Robotic Arm teaches basic robotic principles. The arm can grab, lift, lower, wrist rotate and pivot
Fun With Magnetism - Products and Kits. Explore the properites of magentism with these fun kits EggBot - This robot, available in kit and assembled form, can draw and write on eggs
Fire Piston - Learn about the principles of heat and pressure with this pressure driven ignitor Geiger Counters - Geiger counter are useful for checking for radioactivity and performing nuclear experiments
Meteorite Products - Rocks Samples and Jewelry from Mars and the Moon. Van De Graaf Machine - Experiment with Static electricity with this small battery operated Van De Graaf Machine.
ESP Lamp - an interesting table top science device that provides a fun way to dabble in parapsychology Holography - Holography and Holography Supplies
EMF Detectors - EMF Detectors and Sensors CMU Cameras
Robotics Servomotors