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Fun with Magnets

Diamagnetic Levitation, HomoPolar Motors, MHD Thrust

Pyrolytic Graphite Diamagnetism Levitation Kit

levitating graphite in dome

Watch as this thin piece of graphite effortlessly levitates above the magnetic base.

This Kit Contains:


LEV-01 $49.95

Homopolar Roller 2

Explore the properties of magnetism with this homopolar roller kit

This Kit Contains:

  • 2 disc magnets
  • a battery
  • 2 copper tracks

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HPR-02 $19.95

Curie Effect Magnetic Heat Engine

Explore the properties of Ferromagnetism and Curie points with this Curie Effect Heat Engine. Kit Includes:

  • Nickel Curie effect enhanced wire (part of aluminum wire assembly)
  • 1.5" Aluminum Wire Assembly
  • Neodymium Disc Magnet 1"Diamter x 3/16" Thick
  • Birthday Candle
  • Brass Machine Screw & Nuts
  • Wooden Side .75" x 4" x .25"
  • Base 1.25" x 2" x .5"
  • Steel Plate 1.25" x 3" x .032"

Construction Booklet (pdf 74K)

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HE-01 $35.96
Heat Engine (kit - requires assembly)