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Speech Recognition Kits

speech recognition kits

Our Speech Recognition Kit performs speech recognition independently in a stand alone mode, or it can function as a slave to a host processor in CPU mode. In stand alone mode, the circuit can recognize up to 40 words lasting one second each.

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SR-06 - $137.85

SR-07 - $184.35

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Nitinol Wire

nitinol wire

Nitinol is a shape memory alloy actuator wires. Its operation resembles that of a muscle; it contracts when heated. Many times an electric current is passed though the wire to heat (ohmic heating) the wire to its transition temperature. When the electric current is removed, it cools and can easily be stretched back it its original length. Nitinol wire is sold in five standard diameters; .006, .008, .010, .012 and .015 dia. Priced provide is per linear foot.

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Nitinol Wire - per foot

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Build A Simple Curie Effect Magnetic Heat Engine

heat engine

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This article shows how to build a simple Curie effect magnetic heat engine. The heat engine uses a special high nickel content wire that has a low Curie temperature.

Pyrolytic Graphite Levitation Kit

Levitating graphite in dome Click Picture for Video

Magnets affect materials in one of three ways, attraction, non-attraction (neutral) and repulsion. Diamagnetism refers to an objects weak repulsion from an magnetic field. There are no poles connected with diamagnetism. The north pole of a magnet repels the material just as well as the south pole. Just like a north pole of a magnet will attract iron just as well as the south pole. Graphite is diamagnetic. Pyrolytic graphite is 10000X more diamagnet than most common diamagnetic materials such as water. Thin slices of pyrolytic graphite are extremely light and can be made to levitate. The closest thing to a perfect diamagnetic material is a superconductor however superconductors still require liquid nitrogen to become superconductive. Whereas pyrolytic graphite can levitate at room temperature.

LEV-01 Kit includes (4) neodymium magnets, (1) steel base plate (1" x 1" x .036 " thick), (1) Plastic Dome and (1) Pyrolytic Graphite.

LEV-01 $49.95

UFO Detector

ufo detector

Many UFO's cause local magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies. The UFO Detector senses these anomalies and signals their presence by flashing an LED and beeping. Many UFO's cause local magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies.

UFO-Detector - $67.05
Kit; Requires Assembly and Soldering

UFO-Detector-A - $87.66
Assembled & Tested includes case

*Available in Red or Blue

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Geiger Counters: Digital, Analog, Meter, Kits and Assembled

geiger counter

Geiger counters detect radioactivity and may be used for performing nuclear experiments. We offer eight models of Geiger Counters to choose from including kits. We also sell components for making your own Geiger counters and radioactive sources.

Geiger Counter Index - for more information on digital, meter and kits.



Geiger Counter Kit GCK-01-02 (GMT-02 tube): $125.18
Kit; Requires Assembly and Soldering

Printed Circuit Board
GM Tube ( on GCK-02-01, GCK-02-02, GCK-02-06, but not GCK-02*)
All electronic components

Construction Manual

Kirlian Photography


The Model 5 includes an adjustable high voltage power supply, Transparent Discharge Plate (TDP) and Ground Plate (GP). The high voltage power supply top panel controls include the on/off power switch, discharge switch, Hi-Low frequency switch and variable frequency control.

The Transparent Discharge Plate (TDP)allows you to shoot kirlian photographs using standard digital cameras, film and video (low light). The black Gorund Plate (GP) makes it easier to ground inanimate objects.

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Kirlian Photography Device, Model 5: $339.95