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Kirlian Photography Device

Kirlian Photography Device Model 5
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    The Model 5 for Shooting Kirlian Photographs using
    Digital Cameras, Video (low light), and SLR Film Cameras

The Model 5 includes an adjustable high voltage power supply, Transparent Discharge Plate (TDP) and Ground Plate (GP).

The high voltage power supply top panel controls include the on/off power switch, discharge switch, Hi-Low frequency switch and variable frequency control.

The Transparent Discharge Plate (TDP)allows you to shoot kirlian photographs using standard digital cameras, film and video (low light).

The black Gorund Plate (GP) makes it easier to ground inanimate objects.

We recommend the digital camera have a macro mode (close-up) and the ability for long multi-second shutter speed. (1-15 seconds is good).

Additional Features:

  • 1/4" Jack for connecting a foot switch. Allows photographer to activate discharge using the foot switch. Using the foot switch allows the photographer to free his or her hand.
  • This device is has an optional sheet film adapter (not included) designed to work with all 4" X 5" color, b/w 4" X 5" sheet film and paper as well as polaroid film.
  • Input voltage to the Kirlian device is 117-120 VAC at 60 HZ

Before adding the item to your cart, please fill out the the Kirlian Waiver Form.

    The Model 5 is also availabe to rent.
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Kirlian Photography Manual (pdf file 1.8 meg)

Kirlian Photography Devices
Model 5 $339.95
Kirlian Photography Device:

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