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PIC Basic Project Board

PIC 16F88 Project BoardPIC Basic Project Board

16F88 PIC Basic Project Board Features

* LCD Display - backlight & contrast control
* 2 A/D Channels
* 8 digital I/O lines
* 5V and 9V operation
* I/O and Power header for use with solderless sreadboard or mother board
* 16F88 PIC Microcontroller Project Book Pt 1.
* Student version of PICBASIC PRO & Microcode Studio with book
More Information Here

See PCB Project Board Here

See LCD Specs

PCB-75 - $6.99
PIC Basic Project Board
16F88-PB-LCD - $19.88
PIC Basic Project Board with LCD Module
16F88-PB-Bundle - $29.88
     PICBasic Project Board with LCD Module
     16F88 PIC Microcontroller Project Book Pt. 1
     PICBasic Pro Student Edition Compiler CD
     Only (Manual Sold Separately)


Humidity Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Toxic Gas Sensor
Flex Sensors
Force Sensors

CdS Light Sensor

Do More:

Frequency Meter
Pulse Generator
Elapse Timer
Radiation Pulse Counter
Random Number Generator
Volt Meter


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PIC Microchip Compilers

PICBasic Pro Compiler 3 Student Edition - Basic Language Compiler w/ Manual & CD
PBP-Studen Version $49.95
(Free with purchase of PIC Basic Project Book Bundle, free version CD only - does not include manual).

PICBasic Pro Compiler Gold Edition - Basic Language Compiler w/ Manual & CD
PBC-GOLD $299.95

PICBasic Pro Compiler Silver Edition - Basic Language Compiler w/ Manual & CD
PBC-SILVER $149.95

Choose Microchip Compiler :

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PIC Microchip Programmers

EPIC USB - EPIC USB Port Programmer
EPIC USB $89.95

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Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Text Editor for PICBasic Compilers

PBP3 with Microcode Studio
(Does not include MPLAB)

PBP3 with Microcode Studio
(Includes MPLAB)
(126 Mb)

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PIC Microcontroller Project Books

PIC Projects For Non-Programmers Book
BK-02 $37.95
PIC Robotics Book
BK-11 $19.95
PIC Microcontroller Project Book
BK-14 $23.95
16F88 Microcontroller Project Book
BK-29 $9.95
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16F88-PB-Bundle - $29.88

ZIF Adaptors
LCD Module (8x2 display)
LCD-8x2 $7.95

LCD Module (16x2 display)
LCD-01 $7.95
Choose Hardware:

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PIC Kits

PIC-LED-01 $9.95

Four Servo Motor Controller
SMC-04-USB-v2 $95.31

Prototyping PC Board

PIC Servo Motor Kit
PIC-SERVO-01 $39.95

UFO Detector Kit
UFO-04 $48.33

Digital Meter Adapter *
DMAD-04 $59.95

Functions as Random Number Generator, USB Interface, and Digital Meter Adapter.

* Requires Analog Geiger Counter GCK-01, GCK-02 or GCA-03 series

Choose Kit:

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PIC Microcontroller Components

PIC Microcontrollers

Crystals and Ceramic Resonators

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