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Force Sensing Resistors

FSR Model Schematics

FSR-400 FSR-402

FSR-406 FSR-408

Force Sensing Resistors (FSR) are a polymer thick film (PTF) device which exhibits a decrease in resistance with an increase in the force applied to the active surface. Its force sensitivity is optimized for use in human touch control of electronic devices. FSRs are not a load cell or strain gauge, though they have similar properties. FSRs are not suitable for precision measurements.

For more information about these Force Sensing Resistors read the FSR Guide PDF.

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Flexiforce Pressure Sensors

These sensors are ideal for measuring forces without disturbing the dynamics of a test. They can be used to measure both static and dynamic forces. They are thin enough to enable non-intrusive measurement. The resistance of the sensor decreases as force is applied.

Click here for more information on pressure sensors.

Click here for flexiforce FAQ.

PS-02 - $19.95
Flexiforce Pressure Sensor: 0 - 25 lb. force

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Neoprene Pressure Sensor - NPM-01


Bi-Directional Flex Sensor       Construction Information


Some applications for Pressure Sensors are:

  • Wearable technology and e-textiles
  • Collision detection on mobile robots
  • VR Gloves and VR suits
  • Physics applications and experiments

NPM-01 - $15.00
Neoprene Pressure Sensor / Matrix Kit

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Op-amp circuit for implementing the FSR and PS sensors. The outpout of the op-amp circuit can be adjust to provide 0-5V output depending upon the force or pressure on the sensor. Resistance values for the circuit change depending upon the sensor, see more information page.

More information on op-amp circuit.

OP-01 - $28.95
Op-Amp Kit (pcb & components)

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