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What can you do with PIC microcontrollers? Practically anything; from creating "photovore"robots that hunt light to feed their solar cells to making toasters announce, "Your toast is ready!" These low-cost (around $5.00) computers-on-a-chip can hold upto 1K programs and operate up to 20 MHz. Newer microcontrollers like the PIC 16F87 can hold up to 4 K programs.

PIC Microcontroller Project Book gives you hands-on directions for putting these chips to work. Starting with simple projects and experiments, this book leads you gradually into sophisticated programming techniques. No previous programming experience is necessary. John Iovine coaches you through every single step. Written with the beginner in mind, PIC Microcontroller Project Book gives you A-B-C guidance on how to:

DOWNLOAD PIC Microcontroller Book programs (45K .Zip file)

PIC Robotics Complete, do-it-yourself robotics projects!

  • Using Microchips's PIC microcontrollers and The PICBasic compilers to create exciting robotic projects.
  • Artificial vision system that uses a CCD camera to track and follow brightly colored objects
  • Bi-pedal robots that walk upright
  • Functional robotic arm
  • Easily programmed behavior-based robots
  • Complete parts lists for all projects
  • Step-by-step directions for several complete projects - inspiration for hundreds more

BK-14 PIC Microcontroller Project Book: $23.95
BK-11 PIC Robotics Book$19.95

BK-14 - $23.95
PIC Microcontroller Project Book
BK-11 - $19.95
PIC Robotics Book

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PIC Projects for Non-Programmers by John Iovine

PIC Projects for Non-Programmers

Complete, do-it-yourself PIC microcontroller projects!

  • Gets readers up and running fast with a quick review of basics and then on to ten tried-and-tested projects
  • No languages to learn: Simply drag and drop the icons, plug in the settings and the PIC will respond to the commands
  • Step-by-step guide to using Flowcode 4.5

Successful Author, John Iovine, has created his next masterwork with PIC Projects for Non-Programmers. Engineers and hobbyists new to the PIC who want to create something today will finda valuable resource in this book. Along with ten projects from LCD screens to PC and then to PIC communication, readers can use a symbolic compiler that will allow them to create "code" via flowcharts immediately, and get their projects up and running quickly. The ability to create applications with the PIC from day one makes this a real page turner. The Flowcode 4.5 software is available on a companion website free of charge.

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BK-02 - $37.95
PIC Projects for Non-programmers by John Iovine