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PIC Microcontroller I2C EEPROM Memory

The following table of I2C EEPROM memory provides the data capacity available on each IC. Additional information is available from the data sheets and may be downloaded by selecting that particular IC within the table.


EEP-24C01 I2C Bus EEPROM (1024-bit, 128x8) $.90
EEP-24C02 I2C Bus EEPROM (2048-bit, 256x8) $.70
EEP-24C04 I2C Bus EEPROM (4096-bit, 2x256x8) $2.20
EEP-24C08 I2C Bus EEPROM (8192-bit, 4x256x8) $1.19
EEP-24C16 I2C Bus EEPROM (16384-bit, 8x256x8) $0.96

*Note EEPROM Prices subject to change without notice.

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