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PIC Basic Pro Compiler


PBP is a BASIC programming language for Microchip's PIC microcontrollers.

It has evolved over the span of 15 years, making it the industry standard in its field.  It has become a professional-level development tool for embedded programmers, though it retains the easy-to-learn syntax that makes it popular among experimenters and educators worldwide.

PBP should not be confused with the slow BASIC interpreters of the past. This is a full-blown development tool that produces code in the same manner as a C compiler (without the pain of C). PBP is widely used by engineering professionals who depend on its stability and maturity to produce commercial firmware. It is also used by educational institutions because it is very easy to learn and understand.

PBP has existed for almost 15 years. Development and evolution has been ongoing since its inception. This maturity gives the software a reputation for dependability that is unequaled among its competitors.

PBP is strictly software. It produces the device-ready HEX file, but doesn't include the means to burn the code into the chip or run the chip. To complete the system, you need a device programmer like the melabs U2 Programmer and a test platform like our LAB-X Experimenter series. Full Development Systems are available that include everything you need to program and test.

PBC-GOLD - $299.95
PICBasic Pro Compiler 3 Gold edition w/ Manual & CD
PBC-SILVER - $149.95
PICBasic Pro Compiler 3 Silver edition w/ Manual & CD
PBC-EXP - $79.95
PICBasic Pro Compiler 3 Experimenter edition w/ Manual & CD

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USB EPIC Programmer

PIC Microcontroller Books

ZIF Adapters

Zif Adapter These adapters connect to the EPIC Programmer's 10-pin expansion header to allow programming of 28 and 40 pin PICmicros in DIP, PLCC and surface mount packages.

ZIF-01 - $29.95
8/18 pin DIP ZIF adapter
ZIF-02 - $34.95
28/40 pin DIP ZIF adapter

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Serial LCD Module

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** 16 character x 2 lines, high-contrast, backlit supertwist LCD modules can receive serial data at 300, 1200, 2400, 9600 or 19200 baud (either inverted or true TTL/CMOS (RS232)). Printed manual included.

Click here to see complete data sheet for more information.

LCD-02 - $49.95

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16x2 LCD Modules

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** 16 character x 2 lines, high-contrast, backlit supertwist LCD modules. Standard 16-pin connection.

Click here for the LCD-04 datasheet that conatins additional information, technical specifications and interfacing details.

LCD-04 - $9.95
16x2 LCD Module
LCD-DS - $3.50
16x2 LCD Module Datasheet

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PIC Basic Project Board

PIC 16F88 Project BoardPIC Basic Project Board

16F88 PIC Basic Project Board Features

* LCD Display - backlight & contrast control
* 2 A/D Channels
* 8 digital I/O lines
* 5V and 9V operation
* I/O and Power header for use with solderless sreadboard or mother board
* 16F88 PIC Microcontroller Project Book Pt 1.
* Student version of PICBASIC PRO & Microcode Studio with book
More Information Here

See PCB Project Board Here

See LCD Specs

PCB-75 - $6.99
PIC Basic Project Board
16F88-PB-LCD - $19.88
PIC Basic Project Board with LCD Module
16F88-PB-Bundle - $29.88
     PICBasic Project Board with LCD Module
     16F88 PIC Microcontroller Project Book Pt. 1
     PICBasic Pro Student Edition Compiler CD
     Only (Manual Sold Separately)


Humidity Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Toxic Gas Sensor
Flex Sensors
Force Sensors

CdS Light Sensor

Do More:

Frequency Meter
Pulse Generator
Elapse Timer
Radiation Pulse Counter
Random Number Generator
Volt Meter


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** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Tutorial on binary number system, logic and I/O of ports A & B. (8) 470 ohm resistors, (1) 10K ohm resitor, (8) subminature LED, (1) push button switch, booklet.

PIC-LED-01 - $9.95
Without standard parts package
PIC-LED-02 - $29.95
With standard parts package

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PIC Servo Motor Controller Kit

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Tutorial on servo motors. (2) 42 oz. torque servo motors, (2) SPDT switches, (4) 10K, 1/4W resistors, (2) 3 pin headers, booklet.

Click here to see manual.

PIC-SERVO-01 - $41.95
Without standard parts package
PIC-SERVO-02 - $59.95
With standard parts package

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PIC Microcontrollers

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** The following PICs are available:

PIC16F628-20 20 MHz, 4Kx14 Flash, 16 I/O $3.58 Datasheet
PIC12F683 20 MHz, 6 I/O $1.38 Datasheet
PIC16F877 20 MHz, 8Kx14 $6.50 Datasheet
PIC16F84-20 20 MHz, 4Kx14 Flash, 13 I/O $42.40 Datasheet
PIC16F873-20 0-20 MHz, 4Kx14 Flash, 24 I/O $4.96 Datasheet
PIC18F2455 12Kx14 Flash, 24 I/O $4.95 Datasheet
PIC16F88 4Kx14 Flash, 16 I/O $3.22 Datasheet

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EEP-24C01 I2C Bus EEPROM (1024-bit, 128x8) $.90
EEP-24C02 I2C Bus EEPROM (2048-bit, 256x8) $1.00
EEP-24C04 I2C Bus EEPROM (4096-bit, 2x256x8) $1.08
EEP-24C08 I2C Bus EEPROM (8192-bit, 4x256x8) $1.25
EEP-24C16 I2C Bus EEPROM (16384-bit, 8x256x8) $1.50

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