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Holography Equipment and Supplies

Laser Diode Holography Kit

Laser Diode Holography Kit Laser Diode Holography Kit includes everything you need to produce first rate holograms. (white light viewable & transmission). Kit includes: 5 mW diode laser, radius mirror, 18 sqr. 1/8 thick steel table top, inner tube, film holder, (2) holographic film plates, JD-2 Developing Kit, developing trays, tongs, gloves, safelight, sea shell model, 4 sorbathane pads, shutter card, white card, glass.



LD-KIT - $395.00
Holography Kit

Diode Laser

Diode Laser 650 nanometers 5 milliwatts suitable for shooting holograms. Includes power supply. Estimate lifetime 20,000 hours.

Used as a light source for holography.

DLAS-05 - $74.95
Diode Laser

Laser Diode Holography Booklet

Laser Diode Holography Booklet

DLAS-BK - $7.50
Laser Diode Holography Book

Laser Diode Power Supply

Laser Diode Driver

The laser driver kit can supply regulated current to any laser diode that requires a current up to 3A, It will power almost any laser diode from the lowest range 35mA Blu-ray laser, up to a multi-amp green laser.

  • This kit is only a regulator and NOT a fully working laser system.
  • This kit is only intended to be part of a laser diode system for holography or light show for entertainment purposes.
  • You cannot use this kit to build a device that is against the law


Kit Includes:

  • Schematics
  • Instructions for assembly, testing and calibration
  • Printed circuit board (PCB)
  • All semiconductors
  • All capacitors
  • All resistors except the two larger resistor in front. You must determine yourself experimentally the one(s) appropriate for your diode requirements. This is explained in the documentation.
  • Test points to measure and monitor current through laser diode while in operation.

Laser On, close up

Laser Diode (not included) Close Up


LDD-01 $34.95 (Kit Requires Assembly)

Holographic Glass Plates

2 pcs red sensitive glass Holographic film plates, 2.5" x 2.5"

Suitable for use with HeNe gas Lasers and 650 nm Diode Lasers.

FL-02 - $18.00
Holographic Film Glass Plates

Film Holder


Film Holder (for acetate film & glass plate)
Consists of two 3" transparent square plastic plates, two metal binding clips and two bar magnets. Used to support acetate film on metal table. Binding clips and magnets may be used without the transparent plastic to hold holographic glass plates on metal table.











FH-01 - $10.00
Film Holder

Safe Light

safelight Safe Light
Green Electroluminesent Light. For use with red sensitive film.




SL-01 - $45.00
Safe Light

Developing Trays

Film Developing TrayDeveloping Trays 
Small plastic trays suitable for developing chemistry and holographic film listed above. Stipled bottom prevents film from sticking to bottom of tray.

TR-01 - $5.00
Development Trays


Tongs for Film Developing Film Developing Tongs
Wood tongs for developing holographic film listed above. Use tongs to move film in chemistry trays.


Tongs - $2.50

Front Surface Mirrors (FSM)

safelightFS-01 5/8" x 3/4" Front Surface Mirror





FS-01 - $4.00
5/8" x 3/4" Front Surface Mirror

Radius Mirror

Radius Mirror - 9mm dia. Focal Length -4 mm

Used in holography to spread laser beam for illumination of film plates and objects.





RAD-01 - $39.95
Radius Mirror

Spherical Mirror

Spherical Mirror -- 6 mm Diameter

Used in holography to spread laser beam for illumination of film plates and objects.





SPH-01 - $1.00
Spherical Mirror

Beam Splitters


BS-02 2:1 Ratio Beam Splitter

Mirror type beamsplitters: is optical glass with a semi-transparent mirrored coating that breaks an incident beam into two separate beams. A beamsplitter will reflect a portion of the incident energy, absorb a relatively small portion, and transmit the remaining energy. This is given as the ratio of the beamsplitter. For instances a 3:1 beamsplitter will transmit approximately 3X more light than it reflects. Mirror-type beamsplitters have neutral color characteristics.

BS-02 - $19.95
2:1 Ratio Beam Splitter


Rectangular Magnet

Square magnet 2" x 1" x .5"

Magnet-01 - $6.00
Rectangular Magnet

Bar Magnet

rectangle magnet
For mounting objects to metal isolation table.
3/8" x 3/8" x 1"



Bar-01 - $2.50
Bar Magnet

Miscellaneous Supplies

Steel Plate

steel plate with magnet Steel Plate 1" x 5" x 1/16" thk, show with square magnet at base. Magnet not included. Steel plate is used to secure magnetically mounted optical components on steel holographic isolation table.



STL-01 - $3.25
Steel Plate

Isolation Table

Isolation Table
Steel Table 12" x 18" x 1/8 thk
(12 lbs, UPS shipping is additional)




TB-01 - $70.00
Isolation Table

Small Inner Tube

Small Inner Tube

Used in the construction of an isolation table.








SMI-01 - $14.95
Small Inner Tube

Sorbathane Pads

Sorbathane Pads 1" x 1" x .25"

Used for vibration damping the isolation table.


SB-01 - $2.50
Sorbathane Pads

Holography Film Processing Kit

Film Processing Kit
Holography Film Processing Kit:
This formula is excellent for both reflection and transmission holgrams.  The solution has a tray life of one day.  Processes 20 4"x5" plates.

JD-2 - $30.50
Holography Film Processing Kit