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Laser Diode Holography

Previously, shooting white light reflection holograms required you to high resolution holographic film that required development using chemicals. Not anymore. The holographic film we use here doesn’t require any development, chemical or otherwise. It’s really a shoot and see process.

Couple this film with the availability of inexpensive laser diodes and it has never been easier to shoot holograms.

What are Holograms?

If you don’t already know what holograms are, holograms are true three dimensional (3D) pictures. True 3D pictures allows you to angle the hologram horizontally or vertically to get a different view of the subject. Unlike standard two-dimensional pictures, which when angled, just create a foreshortening view of the picture.

Equipment Needed to Shot Holograms

  • Laser Diode 5 mW.
  • Isolation Table (see text)
  • Holographic Film
  • LED Safelight -- see text --
Misc. Medium size binding clips, 3" x 2" black card, 3" x 2." white card, 4 bar magnets, hot-glue, small piece of carpet (or foam or towel), small inner tube. Quite dark area

Laser Diode

You have many options and outlets for purchasing a suitable 5 mW 650 nm laser diode. Two places to purchase are Midwest Laser and

Why 5 mW (Milliwatt)?

A quick search for 650 nm “focusable” laser diodes will show much higher power diodes available from Amazon and Ebay, 20mW to 200 mW. Can you use them? Yes. However, I suggest using a 5 mW diode because they are more eye safe. Beaming yourself in the eye with a 5 mW laser diode is less harmful than beaming yourself with 100 mW diode. Secondly the diodes from MidWest-Laser and LitiHolo are proven hologram producing laser diodes.


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