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Radiation Shields for Wands

Radiation Shields for Wands

These radiation shields friction fit on the open end of the Geiger Counter wand. Each shield helps to block radiation from reaching the internal GM tube inside the wand.

The shields are useful in performing nuclear tests and experiments.

The Screen shield is an open mesh nylon screen that allows all radiation including alpha to pass through. The paper shield blocks alpha radiation, while permitting beta and gamma radiation. The aluminum shield attenuates beta radiation and the lead shield attenuates gamma radiation. Shields may be purchased separately or in a set.

Radiation Penetration Calculator

SHD-01 - $9.95 
Open Screen Radiation Shield 

SHD-02 - $9.95 
Paper Radiation Shield 

SHD-03 - $9.95 
Aluminum Radiation Shield 

SHD-04 - $9.95 
Lead Radiation Shield 

SHD-05 - $36.95 
Radiation Shield Set (Screen, Paper, Al, Pb)