Geiger Counter Accessories

This page lists our Geiger Counter accessories for the analog series of geiger counters, radioactive sources, wand shields, lead shielding and meters.

Digital Meter Adapter for Analog Geiger Counters

Digital Meter Adapter for Analog Geiger Counters

The New Digital Meter Adapter is now a universal expansion module. It is a combination of the original Digital Meter Adapter, RS 232 interface adapter & Random Number Generator Adapter. The new DMAD has all three functionalities in one module to enhance the capabilities of Geiger Counters.

Countable Pulse Resolution & Range 1 Count Per Minute (CPM) - 9,360 Counts Per Second (CPS)
Radiation Resolution & Range 1.0 uR/hr - 655 mR/hr
(Metric) .01 uSv/hr - 6.5 mSv/hr

LCD Display 16 character by 2 line LCD (liquid crystal display) with back light provides easy to read output.

May be Purchased as a kit or assembled and testedacrylic dmad stand

More Information

DMAD-04 - $59.95
Digital Meter Adapter Kit

DMAD-04A - $89.95
Digital Meter Adapter (assembled and tested)

Acrylic Stand - $10.95

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Geiger Counter Wand

Geiger Counter Wand

The Geiger Counter wand has a thin mica window that allows the detection of alpha radiation as well as beta, and gamma radiation. Operating range is 450-600 volts, the recommended voltage is 500 volts.

The physical dimensions of the wand are approximately .85" diameter and 5.75" long. Approximately three feet of shielded cable connects the wand and a mini din plug.

For specifications on the GM Tube used in the GCW-01 see:

Wand info

For specifications on the GM Tube used in the GCW-01 see:

GM tube specifications

GCW-01 - $124.95
Geiger Counter Wand

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Radiation Shields for Wands

Radiation Shields for Wands

These radiation shields friction fit on the open end of the Geiger Counter wand. Each shield helps to block radiation from reaching the internal GM tube inside the wand.

The shields are useful in performing nuclear tests and experiments.

The Screen shield is an open mesh nylon screen that allows all radiation including alpha to pass through. The paper shield blocks alpha radiation, while permitting beta and gamma radiation. The aluminum shield attenuates beta radiation and the lead shield attenuates gamma radiation. Shields may be purchased separately or in a set.

SHD-01 - $9.95
Open Screen Radiation Shield

SHD-02 - $9.95
Paper Radiation Shield

SHD-03 - $9.95
Aluminum Radiation Shield

SHD-04 - $9.95
Lead Radiation Shield

SHD-05 - $36.95
Radiation Shield Set (Screen, Paper, Al, Pb)

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Sled Isotope Holder

Wand Holder The Geiger counter wand base provides a stable platform to hold the Geiger counter wand for experiments. The physical dimensions of the base are 2" wide by 12" long. The length of the base has markings in both metric and imperial.

The sled isotope holder provides a stable and moveable platform for radioactive isotopes 1" diameter discs. The sled isotope holder is available in two sizes:
One that holds 1/8" thick discs and the other to hold 1/4" thick discs.

More Information

SIHB-01 - $39.95
Sled Isotope Holder & Base (2 piece set)
BASE-01 - $30.00
Base for wand ONLY
SLED-1/8 - $14.95
1/8" Radioactive Isotope Holder
SLED-1/4 - $14.95
1/4" Radioactive Isotope Holder

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Geiger-Muller Tube

Geiger-Muller Tube Geiger-Muller Tube

Thin mica window detects alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. Operating range is 450-600 volts, the recommended voltage is 500 volts. Recommended anode resistor: 10 megaohms. Gas filling. Neon and halogen. Measures .36" (9.1 mm) wide, 1.6" (40 mm) long.

Click here for detailed electrical and mechanical characteristics.

Click here to see other Geiger Counter Tubes available.

GMT-01 - $74.95
Geiger-Muller Tube

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Analog Radiation Meter

Analog Radiation Meter

The Analog Digital radiation meter counts the pulse output of a standard analog Geiger counter to provide a visual readout of the CPS, approximate radiation level (imperial/metric) and analog radiation field strength meter.


  • 8-12VDC or 5VDC power supply input
  • Counts TTL pulses from Analog Geiger Counter
  • Outputs Digital Counts Per Second (CPS) value
  • Outputs radiation level (imperial / metric)
  • LCD Backlight
  • Available as a kit or assembled

More Information

Analog Digital Radiation Meter       
ADM-01A - $64.55 Assembled and tested 

ADM-01K - $45.55 Kit requires assembly

Faceplate For Analog Meter

meter faceplate This faceplate mounts the ADM meter above into the round panel opening of a CDV715 meter. Material is approximately 1/8" thick black plastic.

FB-01 - $6.00

Link to Radioactive Sources

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spinthrascope Crooke's Spinthariscope allows users to observe Alpha radiation. By placing an Alpha radiation source near the rear screen of the device users can view alpha radiation through the front window as little flashes of light from the silver activated zinc oxide.

ZN-01 - $9.99

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Lead Sheet 1' x 1' x 20 Ga. thick

Lead Sheet 1' x 1' x 20 Ga. thk.

Lead Sheet 12" x 12" x 20 Ga. thick.

Soft lead sheet is easily cut with a standard scissors. Material is soft enough to form and bend around sharp corners. Typically used for lining boxes for storing radioactive materials. Each square foot of material (12" x 12") weights 2-1/2 lbs.

PB-01 - $22.95
Lead Sheet 12" x 12" x 20 Ga.

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USB TTL Serial Cable

Digital Multimeter USB TTL Serial Cable allow easy interfacing to devices over USB.

The USB TTL Serial cable provide connectivity between USB and serial UART
interfaces at 5V.

More Information

USB-3.5mm - $24.95
USB TTL Serial Cable

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Geiger Counter Apps : Geiger Bot & iGeiger

Geiger Bot is a companion app for Geiger counters, providing you with a toolkit for recording, analyzing, and sharing Geiger counter data.
Geiger Counter Apps GeigerBot and iGeiger
Whether you need a numeric display for an old analog counter, graphing and extensive logging for even a digital counter, or online automated data sharing via Pachube, Geiger Bot can be of use.

Geiger Bot just works. As soon as you start up the app, Geiger Bot will get to work without any configuration necessary. This is done using adaptive signal processing and your device's microphone input. Geiger Bot also supports a direct line-in connection via the headset jack.

Geigerbot is a free iPhone app. For more info, or to download click here.

iGeiger is a ratemeter program. It uses the microphone to detect the clicks from your geiger counter (or other device) and display the Counts Per Minute (CPM).

The measurement period can be set between 1 and 3600 seconds, and readings can be optionally normalized to one minute (60 seconds). The displayed value is grayed out until an entire measurement period's worth of readings has been accumulated.

The minimum required volume of a click to be detected (threshold) can be set, as well as a delay time between clicks.

iGeiger is an iPhone app. For more info, or to download click here.

Coming Soon

Cable-G-APP - $19.95
Adapter Cable to interface Images SI Inc. Geiger Counters with geiger apps

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