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Geiger Counters & Nuclear Science Supplies

We manufacture Geiger counters and other radiation detection equipment for schools, educational institutions, educators, students, and consumers around the world.

Your DIY source for information and supplies for nuclear science related projects and kits:

Geiger Counters Nuclear Experiments Radioactive Sources

Featured Products

desktop Geiger counter


From Images SI Inc.

Desktop Digital Geiger Counter with built-in Random Number Generator (RNG)

High accuracy, serial and pulse output.    ...   Read more



From Images SI Inc.

Digital Geiger Counter with built-in datalogger

Allows for data to be recorded and played back for analysis    ...   Read more

Geiger Counter Data Logger

Data Logger

From Images SI Inc.


Allows for Geiger counter data to be recorded and played back for analysis    ...   Read more

Etched lightning

Etched Lightning In Wood

From Images SI Inc.

Etched Lightning In Wood

Etched Lightning is 4" x 4" square wood with a one-of-a-kind artwork branching electrical discharge burned into its grain.    ...   Read more

Meditation Breath Lamp - Breathe in (blue)

Meditation - Rhythmic Breath Lamp

Benefits of Slow Rhythmic Breathing
  • Reduced Stress - Anxiety
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Mental Clarity

Meditation - Rhythmic Breath Pacer Lamp

Medical studies report that deep rhythmic breathing benefits include reduced blood pressure, lower stress, with an increase in mental clarity, focus and concentration.    ...   Read more

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