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DIY Build a Steampunk Geiger Counter

Steampunk Geiger Counter

Build a fully functional Steampunk Geiger Counter.

Geiger counters are instruments that measure nuclear radiation. Our previous online articles already describes the function of Geiger counters, so I will not repeat that information, if you want to view this information go here.

I like the Steampunk movement. Victorian era science has a certain flare to it, especially when its technology exceeds our own technology. While the Steampunk Geiger Counter I am about to describe does not exceed current technology, it's primarily circuit uses Victorian technology. While I couldn't remove all modern semi-conductors from the circuit, I kept them to a minimum and do not use any integrate circuits.

I work with an older Russian engineer who wept when he examined the saw switch circuit I created to generated the high voltage needed to activate the Geiger counter tube. To operate a Geiger counter (GM) tube one requires a high voltage on the order of 400-600 volts. The exact voltage depending upon the particularities of your GM tube. Typically in our present day (non-steam punk) circuits a timer or oscillator circuit is used to control the power to the primary winding (coil) of a step-up transformer to generate the high voltage needed to operate the GM tube.

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