Stepper Motor Controller IC


Stepper Motor chip generates control signals that can be used with for both Unipolar & Bipolar Stepper Motors with appropriate drivers like the L298 & L293.

Stepper motor chip


  • General / Hobby Purpose Stepper Motor Controller.
  • Compatible with 4 Phase Unipolar / 2 Phase Bipolar Motors.
  • Master / Slave mode - Standalone Free Running Mode.
  • 8 RPM Selections in Free Running Mode.
  • Compatible w/ Drivers - L298, L293, Discrete Transistors.
  • Half / Full Wave: Step Modes, Direction Control, Enable.
  • Power On Reset initializes controller


DataSheets:       Manual           Application Sheet               Waveform

USMC-01 - $9.95
Stepper Motor Controller Controller IC

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