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Digital Geiger Counter Rental Terms

$100.00 per month based on a 30-day month beginning on date of UPS shipment to customer.

First month's rental fee may be applied toward the purchase price of the device. All subsequent monthly rental fees are NOT applicable toward purchase of device.

Customer pays the shipping charges for the delivery and the return of the device to Images SI Inc. Customer is responsible for any damages to the equipment. We recommend that customer pay for tracking and shipping insurance to cover the full cost of the item to recoup any damages to the device that might be incurred in shipping or from the loss (non-delivery) of package. Customer is responsible for return the device to Images SI Inc. within 30 calendar days from original ship dates.

Any device not returned to Images SI Inc. within 30 calendar days from shipment will be automatically charged $100.00 for another 30 day rental.