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Bi-Flex Sensor - Build a bi-flex sensor that changes resistance when it is bent in either direction. Piezoelectric Film Experiments - Piezoelectric materials when squeezed generate electricity
Biofeedback Articles Plasma Driver Circuit - High voltage plasma tube power supply.
Bioluminescence Robotic Arm Interface
Build A Simple Curie Effect Magnetic Heat Engine- This article shows how to build a simple Curie effect magnetic heat engine. Scintillation Detector
Cleaning Meteorites Using Electrolysis Solar Ball- How to construct a solar ball, how a solar ball works and the materials involved in making a Solar Ball.
DIY Alpha Particle Spark Detector- In this article, we will create a Alpha Particle Spark Detector. Solar Cell A detailed history of photovoltaic cells and photovoltaic development. As well as a description of how the photovoltaic process works
How To Build Robotic Air Muscle Actuators- a description of the pneumatic device developed by J.L. McKibben, and instructions for its contruction. Solar Engine - This Article describes of the Solar Engine
Kirlian Photography- In this article, we will create a kirlian device using inexpensive parts to produce quality prints. Space Horticulture- This experiment illustrates a possible method of reducing the power needed to grow plants on board spacecraft
Magnetohydrodynamic Generator - How to build a Magnetohydrodynamic Generator Superconductor Experiments - Explains the properties of Superconductors.
Thermoelectric Power Generation
Meteorite Electrolysis - Method for cleaning meteorites UFO Detector Construction Article - Do UFO's, Unidentified Flying Objects, exist?
Nitinol Experiments- Nitinol is an alloy of nickel and titanium that belongs to a class of materials call shaped memory alloys (SMA) Van De Graaff Generator