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Robotic Arm Interface

Robotic Arm Interface

Images Company Robotic Arm PC Interface allows real time computer control and an interactive script writer/player for programming and playing robotic arm motion. Re-playing script files demonstrates basic automation and animatronics. The serial interface connects an IBM personal computer or compatible to OWI’s Robotic Arm Trainer (TM) through the computer’s USB port.

WIN 98/XP Program

Install the Windows program by inserting the CD-ROM into the computer’s CD drive. Click on the Start Button on Windows toolbar, then click on the Run option. A dialog box opens, choose the Browse option and highlight the setup.exe program on the CD-ROM. The set up program creates an Images Directory on your hard drive, installs all the necessary files and places an icon on your start menu task bar.

The robot arm may be operated interactively, by clicking on the various function buttons on the screen. See page 3 for screen image. Writing script files is also interactive, this allows the user to focus on the robotic arm performance rather than writing a file. Script file writing is explained in greater detail, under Creating Script Files.

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