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Plasma Driver Circuit - High voltage plasma tube power supply. Bi-Flex Sensor - Build a bi-flex sensor that changes resistance when it is bent in either direction.
Robotic Arm Interface C-Bot - How to build a CMU Camera Tracking Robot
Digital Meter Adapter -The Digital Meter Adapter (DMAD) is a universal expansion module for Geiger Counters. It is a multi-featured adapter. Sphere-Bot - How to build an Bot that draws on sphereical and semi-sphereical objects. Formly known as Eggbot.
Geiger Counter - How to build a Geiger Counter - Geiger counters are instruments that can detect and measure radioactivity X-10 SRI-04 Interface Construction Article
16F88 PIC Experimenter's Board - PIC Experimenters Board Manual Digital Compass Navigation Project(s) - Projects Using the 1490 digital compass
LCD Serial Module Datasheet - This article explains how to use and adjust the LCD-01 screen for display Analog Compass - This article explains the construction of the 1525 Analog Compass