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How Does Red Light Therapy(RLT) Work?

Red light therapy begins when tissues and cells of the body are exposed to red or near-infrared light, which causes the release of ATP nitric oxide[6]. This is called photobiostimulation [7]. Cellular photoactivation can be achieved by using photobiomodulaton without overheating or damaging the body[8].

The effects of phototherapy can raise cells' healing potential [9].

Mechanisms that are associated with LLLT:[10]

  • New capillaries are formed and circulation is increased
  • Activity in the lymphatic system increases.
  • In mitochondria, ATP production is increased and fibroblasts proliferate.
  • Elastin and collagen are synthesized.
  • Enzyme production is increased.
  • Cellular clean up (phagocytosis) increases.
  • Healing accelerated by formation of connective and granulation tissues.
  • Inflammation is reduced.

    What Are The Applications?


    Areas of the body that can benefit from red light

    Red laser therapy has applications in medical and dermatological therapies. Studies are finding important uses for this therapy such as preventing damage to tissue, reducing inflammation and pain, and reducing cell death [6,11,12].

    Here are ways laser therapy can aid/benefit the body:

    • Rejuvinate the skin & collagen
    • Promote healing of wounds & injury
    • Recover from sleep deprivation
    • Promote fat loss & contour the body
    • Decrease swelling & inflammation in joints
    • Help recover muscles post workout

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