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Holographic Film

We are using C-RT-20 holographic film, size 2 x 3” from, see figure 10.

Figure 10 Holographic film

To secure the glass holographic film to the table we place the film in a medium sized binding clip, secured it to the table with a magnet to prevent vibration, see figure .


The holographic film is sensitive to red, green and blue light. The film manufacturer (Liti Holographics) suggests to use a blue safelight. A blue safe light can be fabricated from a battery, series resistor and a blue LED.
I used a green LED safelight simply because I have them lying around from my other holography work. Use your safelight as sparingly as possible to prevent fogging your film.

Choose your model

For your first model choose something ridge and hard. Something that will not bend, droup or move during exposure. If the object is a dark color, paint it white, or choose another object to start with.
Ideally the complete object will fit behind the 2 x 3” film plate. For beginners I recommend a light colored seashell.

Model Position

The model should be position close to the film plate without touching. This will create the brightest viewable hologram. Figure 11 illustrates how close the holographic plate is to the model.

Figure 11 Model and holographic film plate positions

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