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Mounts & Components

For our basic single beam set up we will only need a few mounts and components.
We create mounts using magnets, the metal isolation table surface, and small steel plates (when needed). The magnets can either be small ceramic or small high strength neodymium.
As an example I have hot-glued an object I am going to create a hologram of, on a small steel plate. The object is side mounted which is explained in the object orientation later. The plate I used measured 1" x 2.5" x 1/16" thick. The plate is secured to the steel isolation table using a magnet, see figure 6. This allows me to easily reposition the object on the table where ever I need.

Figure 6 Ceramic Model used to shoot hologram

The second item we use are metal binding clips, see figure 7.

Figure 7 Medium size binding clip used on isolation table

Metal binding clips are useful for holding the holographic film, white set-up card and black shutter card.

Mounting for Laser Diode

Figure 8 Laser diode, magnet and binding clip for fabricating table mount

We can use a metal binding clip and a small magnet for mounting the laser diode to the isolation table, see figure 8. The diode is placed in the binding clip, which also serves as a heat sink. The assembly mounts to the table using a small magnet, see figure 9.

Figure 9 Laser diode mounted to isolation table


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