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Flexible Stretch Sensor

Flexible Stretch Sensors

The Stretch Sensor is a unique component that changes resistance when stretched. When relaxed the sensor material has a nominal resistance of 1000 ohms per linear inch. As the stretch sensor is stretched the resistance gradually increases. When the sensor is stretched 50 % its resistance will approximately double to 2.0 Kohms per inch.

The stretch sensor is a new way to measure stretch, displacement and force. The sensor is a flexible cylindrical cord .060-.070 in diameter, with spade or ring electrical terminals at each end.

Stretch Sensor

The sensor above measures 4 inches long, not including the electrical terminals and only .060 inches diameter. The chart below illustrates the approximate resistive response of the stretch material. Each sensor length requires a different force for 50% elongation. As an example to lengthen a 6" sensor to 12" would require a force of approximately 420 grams.

stretch chart

Some applications for the Stretch Sensor are:

  • Robotics
  • Biometric displacement reading
  • VR Gloves and VR suits
  • Physics applications and experiments
  • Feedback sensor for air muscles

Stretch Sensor Manual (PDF)

Flexible Stretch Sensors are sold with standard electrical terminals.

Standard Sensor Sizes

 STRX-02 - $8.95
2" Flexible Stretch Sensor
 STRX-04 - $10.95
4" Flexible Stretch Sensor
 STRX-06 - $12.95
6" Flexible Stretch Sensor
 STRX-08 - $14.95
8" Flexible Stretch Sensor
 STRX-10 - $16.95
10" Flexible Stretch Sensor
 STRX-12 - $18.95
12" Flexible Stretch Sensor
 STRX-14 - $20.95
14" Flexible Stretch Sensor
 Sensor Material Price
$1.50 per inch

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Stretch Sensor Material Price - $1.50 per inch
(.060 diameter)

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