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Solar Cells

Information on Thin Film Glass Solar Cells

When a solar cell is rated for current output in "uA" (microamps).  The "uA" rating is usually given for solar cells that are used "inside", typically under florescent, very low light conditions, therefore the small ("uA") current output.  These solar cells can be used on "outdoor" products also exposed to a full-spectrum, high intensity light source (the Sun), the current will be much higher and  in the milliamp (mA) range.
The SC-01 glass thin-film solar cell is of the same type that are used on solar powered calculators. They provide good charging or direct power under low light and indoor lighting conditions.
The SC-02 solar cell, that is made for full spectrum sunlight, will output a greater current in sunlight, per square centimeter, than the SC-01.

Solar Cells (Indoor)

Indoor Solar cell

SC-01 Datasheet

Soldering Instructions

Item #SC-01 Indoor Solar Cell

The SC-01 Solar cell is made for use under fluorescent lamps. At approximately 200 Lux illumination, at 25 degrees Centigrade, the typical voltage output is 3.0 volts. Open circuit voltage is 4.0 volts. Short circuit current (200 luxs) is 17.0 uA. (note: output current is greater in sunlight)
Operating Temperature -5 to 60 degrees Centigrade.
Size of the Solar cell is 55 mm x 20 mm x 1.1 mm (2.1" x .78" x .04").

SC-01 $2.50
Indoor Solar Cell

Solar Cells (Outdoor)

Outdoor Solar cell

SC-02 Datasheet

Soldering Instructions

Item #SC-02 Outdoor Solar Cell

The SC-02 Solar cell is made for use under sunlight. The typical voltage output is 3.5 volts. Open circuit voltage is 5.2 volts. Short circuit current is 21.0 mA.
Operating Temperature -5 to 60 degrees Centigrade.
Size of the Solar cell is 55 mm x 29 mm x 1.1 mm (2.1" x .78" x .04").

SC-02 $3.95
Outdoor Solar Cell

Amorphous Solar Panel

SC-03 Solar Cell

Item #SC-03 Amorphous Solar Panel

The SC-03 solar cell provides up to 1.5 Watts of power with a max output of 120 mA. Comes with a 12 Volt Auto Lighter Adapter on a 91" cord. Can be used to charge any mobile 12 volt electronic device with adapter (not included). See Below.

14-3/4"L x 6-1/2"W x 7/8"H

SC-03 $29.95
Amorphous Solar Panel