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Piezo Film Solid State Switches Piezo film’s capabilities to generate a high voltage output under bending strain, combined with its rugged form factor, make it an ideal candidate for solid state impact switches. The PZ-05 providesa single digital pulse that is ideal for triggering digital circuits and signal processing. The imperviousness, elasticity and reliability of the PFS element, along with the noise rejection characteristics of the circuit, combine to provide the PZ-05 withfeatures that suit applications demanding consistent, reliable performance throughout tens of millions of switching cycles.

PZ-05-R - $31.80
Piezo Switch - Reverse Action


Piezo cable is another form for piezo polymer sensors. Designed as a coax cable, the piezo polymer is the “dielectric” between the center core and the outer braid. When the cable is compressed or stretched, a charge or voltage is generated proportional to the stress. Piezo cable has a number of advantages in certain applications. Due to its coaxial design, the cable is self-shielded, allowing its use in a high EMI environment. The piezo cable can be spliced to passive coax, using standard coax splice techniques. It is extremely rugged, and will stand up to heavy loads.

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PZ-07 - $19.35 / ft.
Piezo Polymer Coaxial Cable

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The PZ-08 and PZ 09 is a low-cost cantilever-type vibration sensor loaded by a mass to offer high sensitivity at low frequencies. Pins are designed for easy installation and are solderable. Horizontal and vertical mounting options are offered. The active sensor area is shielded for improved RFI/EMI rejection. Rugged, flexible PVDF sensing element withstands high shock overload. Sensor has excellent linearity and dynamic range, and may be used for detecting either continuous vibration or impacts. The PZ-08 and PZ 09 acts as a cantilever-beam accelerometer. When the beam is mounted horizontally, acceleration in the vertical plane creates bending in the beam, due to the inertia of the mass at the tip of the beam. Strain in the beam creates a piezoelectric response, which may be detected as a charge or voltage output across the electrodes of the sensor. The sensor may be used to detect either continuous or impulsive vibration or impacts. For excitation frequencies below the resonant frequency of the sensor, the device produces a linear output governed by the "baseline" sensitivity. The sensitivity at resonance is significantly higher.

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PZ-08 - $6.55
Piezoelectric Vibration Sensor
6mm X 12.8mm X .2mm (.236" X .504" X .008")
(horizontal PC mount)
PZ-09 - $6.55
Piezoelectric Vibration Sensor
6mm X 12.8mm X .2mm (.236" X .504" X .008")
(vertical PC mount)

Neon Bulb

neon bulb

NB - $1.50
Neon Bulb

Quartz Triboluminescence Specimens

Quartz Triboluminescence Specimens



QTRIB - $16.00
Two Quartz Triboluminescence Specimens