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Understanding the Software that Communicates
with the RS-232 Adapter

The RS-232 digital adapter has a serial output DB-9 connector on the side. This connects to the computers serial port using a DB-9 M/F cable (not supplied). Or connects to the DB-9 side of the USB to Serial adapter. The RS232 adapter outputs the Counts Per Second (CPS) to the computer's serial or USB port.

Use: Attach 9V battery. Plug 1/8" plug of the adapter into the Digital Out of the analog Geiger counter. Attach DB-9 to serial port of computer (or USB adapter) using serial cable (not included).

Make sure the program's COM port is set to the correct COM port where the RS-232 adapter is connected. Both the adapter and Geiger counter must be on and properly connected for the program to begin graphing. The graphs generated by the program may be save to disk and loaded for viewing and analysis later on. See figure 2, screen image, below.

It provides an RS-232 computer output for use with Geiger Counter Graphing program. USB operation requires the use of a USB/Serial Adapter equivalent to IOGear GUC232A.

Figure 2

When using the USB to Serial Adaptor set the program to read COM port 3. The IOGear adapter sets the USB port to be seen as COM port 3.

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