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The ESP Lamp is a interesting table top science device that provides a fun way to dabble in parapsychology. Test for psychokinesis (PK), precognitive and telepathy.

ESP Lamp Round Transparent ESP Lamp Cube Transparent ESP Lamp Cube Tranlucent
ESP Lamp Round ESP Lamp Cube Transparent ESP Lamp Cube Translucent

Introduction to the ESP Lamp

The ESP Lamp is a thought provoking tool that allows the user to perform their own PSI experiments. The lab quality Random Number Generator (RNG) inside the ESP Lamp provides the platform to test and verify the current research result found in parapsychology journals and texts. Use the Probability checker on this page to see if you have PSI abilities.

Does the human mind have the capability to influence the output of the RNG? If your test results in the positive you will be confirming the mind's ability to influence machines and probability at the quantum level that has been shown to be statistically valid .

The ESP Lamp provides a reliable ESP / PSI testing platform. The heart of each ESP Lamp is the RNG (Random Number Generator).

In the ESP Lamp-01 the RNG is a "Chaos Circuit" created using multiple diodes to generate random numbers. The random numbers are used to display one of four LED colors that may be use to check ESP / PSI, and the mind’s ability to influence machines and random events at the quantum level. The ESP lamp contains a Random Number Generator that is triggered with a LED chaotic circuit to generate random numbers. Each random number will light one of four different color LED's.

LED Chaos Circuit

The LED Chaos circuit display a interesting light pattern inside the lamp proving an interesting visual display. These random light patterns are used to seed and trigger the random number generator that is displayed one the four main LED's.

ESP Lamp-02 - Geiger Counter Circuit

The ESP Lamp-02 uses an internal minature geiger counter that detects nomal background radiation to generate random numbers. This is a higher quality RNG than in the diode chaos lamps.

ESP Lamp Off


ESP Lamp-02

As with the other ESP Lamps each random number generated will light one of four different color LED's; red, green, blue and yellow. True random numbers may be used to accurately test for different aspects of ESP.

ESP Lamp Applications:

Precognition: Predict the color of the LED that will light next and track the results.
Psychokinesis (PK): Use your mind to influence and color output from the ESP lamp.
Telepathy: Two people in separate rooms, one is a sender the other a receiver. The sender observes the ESP lamp, and tries to transmit the color changes when they occur, to the receiver.
Fortune Telling: Use the random color generated to indicate answers to questions.
Mood Lamp: The changing LED color output of the ESP lamp is unpredictable both in time and color. You can look at it as a sophisticated mood lamp
Radioactive Fallout Detector: Since the ESP lamp-02 has a built in Geiger counter, excessive radiation, from say radioactive fallout, would cause the LEDs to blink rapidly.

Instruction Booklet describes PSI experiments in greater detail.
Includes power adapter, Dimensions: 2-3/4" x 2-3/4" x 2-3/4"

ESP Lamp technology and history

Scientific Proof of Psychic Ability

ESP Lamp-01 - $124.95

ESP Lamp-02 Cube- $249.95

Test your ESP / PSI using our Probability Checker

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