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ESP/PSI Tester Kit

RNG-01The manual ESP/PSI tester kit is an interesting human input Random Number Generator (RNG) device that may be use to check ESP / PSI, and the mind’s ability to influence random events. 

For close to 100 years scientists and psychologists have seriously studying Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). Their main laboratory controlled tests have used symbols and colors with their test subjects. Using Images' Manual ESP tester, you can now perform your own PSI experiments from the comfort of your own home. Use it to test for psychokinesis (PK), precognition and telepathy. 

With each push of the button on top of the unit, a random colored LED is lit. The LCD display keeps track of how many times each color is lit. The ESP Tester uses a momentary contact switch that a user presses to generate true random numbers. The 16F88 PIC microcontroller in the ESP tester is spinning numbers at approximately 1,000,000 numbers a second. The instant the microcontroller sees the user press the momentary contact switch, it stops spinning number, the current number is selected as the random number. See the Random Number Generator's (RNG) Source Code. 

The RNG’s output is connected to four different colored LED’s. Depending upon the random number generated, one of the four colored LED’s is lit. The LCD keeps a running tally of the numbers generated for different PSI tests. While this set up might appear trivial, it is not, and may be used to accurately test for different aspects of ESP. Random Event Generators (REG) are similar to RNG and sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. 

The included manual explains how to perform different ESP and PSI experiments. The PIC microcontroller Random Number Generator source code is also included in the manual. 

ESP-TESTER-K - $39.95
ESP/PSITester Kit (requires assembly & soldering)