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Psychokineses - Spoon Bending Kit

Bend the SpoonSpoon Bending 101
I tried to bend a spoon with my mind, following the spoon bending instructions. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

Okay, I thought, I’ll try again later. After all, some credible people like Dean Radin (1) and Michael Crichton (2) reported that they have been successful with spoon bending. See references below.

Magicians and Charlatans
I know, charlatans and magicians pretend to have the power of psychokineses and bend spoons all the time. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about us. We’re not looking to learn the illusion of psychokinetic Spoon Bending, we’re looking to see if this is a real phenomena.

Credible People
What happens when credible people try and end up bending their spoon? Well, their first realize they weren’t perpetrating a fraud onto themselves, so they know what happened was real, and because of that, their experience changed their belief system. Wow, that’s powerful.

So I talked to my friend about my own failure to bend the spoon, he asked, “Well, how many times did you try?” I answered a few times over the course of a week. Then he suggested, “Why not try every day for a minute, who knows, maybe in a year or two you’ll have that psychokinetic experience. You can't prove it to other people, but if you have the experience, you'll know for a fact the phenomena is real.” Seemed reasonable to me, so I placed my spoon in my desk drawer with the thought of giving it a try every day for a minute or two.

What happen?
I totally forgot about it. Every time I opened the drawer, I’d see the spoon and think to myself “Oh yeah” I got to do that, before I closed the drawer and continued on with whatever I was doing at the time. After a year of being constantly reminded that I am not trying to bend the spoon I figured there had to be a better way to get this done.

Spoon Bending Kit
This is how the Spoon Bending kit was born. The kit includes instructions, a miniature demitasse spoon on a small scrylic stand with an engraved stone saying “Bend The Spoon”. This kit sits on my desk. Do I attempt to bend the spoon everyday? Honestly, no I don’t. But I’m trying much more often than I ever did before.

If you would like to try, buy your own spoon bending kit. If you are legitimately successful bending a spoon, send us a picture.

Below is a Youtube video of Jack Houck PK party.

About Jack Houck.

1) Dean Radin's Experience

2) Michael Crichton's experience

Spoon Bending Instructions.

Spoon Bending Kit- $19.95