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Housing the UFO Detector

The finished UFO Detector board will occupy a space of approximately 3" in diameter by 1" high.

The detector needs to be housed in a non-ferrous material. A ferrous material like iron would affect the compass operation. Suitable non-ferrous housing materials include the following materials: plastic, wood, brass, foam board and aluminum. If you would like an almost ready made housing the Testor Model company sells two different styles of UFO models. One is a Roswell UFO model number 555 and the UFO model is Testor's part number 576X. Either model is large enough to hold the detector inside and would make a suitable enclosure.

The completed circuit  should sit flat inside the housing you choose. To accomplish this four self-adhesive 1/4" rubber bumpers are placed on the underside of the board in approximately equal distance from each other.

feet You are now ready to use your UFO Detector.

Operating Instructions

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