Growth Chamber

I wanted a simple, readily available, grow chamber. I have seen a lot of plants grown in 2 liter soda bottles. That seemed like a reasonable idea, so I decide to try it.

To make the primary growth chamber the top of a two-liter bottle is cut off (see figure 6, above). To cut a PET bottle, mark a line around the bottle and cut with a scissors. Try to cut the bottom straight across, so the chamber will stand properly. The bottle is turned upside down making the bottom the top.

Numerous holes are punched in the sides of the growth chamber for ventilation.

As the plants grow, it will be necessary to raise the lights. To accomplish this I made sleeves. Cutting the top and bottom off a PET soda bottle makes a sleeve. Three or four slits are cut in the sleeve, equally space around and about half way down the length (see figure 7, above). When the plants grow too close to the LEDs, the growth chamber is fitted inside the sleeve to increase its height. The chamber can be moved up or down inside the sleeve to adjust its height when necessary (see figure 8, below).

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