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PIC Experimenter's Board Manual

Program Output

custom graphics

Program Function:

The program uses the 16f88's on chip EEPROM to store the custom character's bit maps before uploading them to the LCD's CG memory..


Basic animations may be created by rapidly displaying successive custom characters in the same LCD screen position.

Animation using external memory

You can print more than eight custom characters using external memory and uploading new character patterns to the LCD. If a custom character is already printed on the LCD display, changing its bit map pattern in CG RAM changes its display on the LCD screen. This technique may be used to created animations as well as creating more than eight custom characters.

This concludes the preliminary introduction to the PIC 16F88 microcontroller and PCB. Each of the following chapters will now be independent projects. Each project has something to teach.

As you go through the upcoming projects in our book if you run into difficulty we will try to help you along. Here is the URL for our 16F88 PIC microcontroller support page.

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