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Positioning the Cursor

Figure 4

Figure 4

You can position the cursor anywhere on the screen by sending the proper instruction. Figure 4 (above) shows the layout of the 2x16 LCD screen with the cursor-positioning instruction for each character location.

Off-Screen Memory

When you print past the end of a line, the next 24 characters do not show up on the LCD screen. They are not lost; they are in an off-screen memory area. All alphanumeric LCD modules have 80 bytes of memory, arranged appropriately for a 2x40 screen. On LCDs with smaller screens (such as this 2x16), text printed past the end of a visible line goes into memory, but can’t be seen on the screen. Use cursor-positioning instructions to print to a particular location on the display. Or deliberately print in off-screen memory to temporarily hide text, then send scroll-left instructions to reveal it.

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