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Testing A Target

Place the Mode switch to “TEST” on the main circuit board. Choose a primary color target like a red ball. Turn on the LCD, CMU-01 camera and main circuit board power.

The LCD should display “C-Bot Tracker” upon start up. Check the LCD panel you may need to adjust the contrast to see the text information, see figure 14.

C-Bot Tracker on LCD
Figure 14

The next LCD display will say “Blink LED”, see figure 15. The green LED should blink several times with a time period of 200 milliseconds. This establishes that the communication link between the PIC microcontroller and CMU-01 is working properly.

Blink Track LED
Figure 15

The next display states "Color & AE on" on LCD line 1 and  "Wait 5 sec." on LCD line2, see figure 16.  The CMU-01 camera should be facing a blank wall to help it adjust for the ambient light.

Color and AE on Wait 5 seconds
Figure 16

The next display states "Place Target" on LCD line 1 and  "5 sec." on LCD line 2, see figure 17. In addition the green LED will blink ten times with a period of 500 milliseconds. You have five seconds to place your target object in front of the CMU camera lens.

Place Target 5 seconds
Figure 17

The next display states that the target is captured.

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