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Get the top servomotor bracket and attach a round servomotor horn to it using four #4 sheet metal screws, see figure 7.

Top servo bracket with round servomotor horn
Figure 7

Place the plastic CMU camera bracket on the top servomotor bracket and secure the bracket using two 6-32 machine screws and nuts. Then attach the CMU camera to the plastic bracket using two 5-40 screws and nuts, see figure 8.

CMU camera mounted to top bracket and plastic
Figure 8

The top servomotor is rotated to its center position. Then the CMU Camera assembly is attached to the servomotor.  The servomotor horn will fit into the shaft of the servomotor. The back hole of the top servomotor bracket ought to line up with the ole on the 90 degree clip, see figure 9.

CMU camera bracket assembly attached to up-down servomotor
Figure 9

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