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Going Further

Using pressurized air is an inconvenience, but one that may be overcome. For instance at Case Western Reserve University a team of faculty and students are building a cricket micro-robot that utilizes air muscles for walking and jumping. The micro-robot will walk and jump just like its biological counterpart. What makes this project so interesting is that the micro-robot is no larger than 5 cm (2 inches) in any dimension. To power the air muscles the team made a micro-pump that supplies 35 psi for the muscles.

Robot Wars

Many of the robots used in the Robot Wars series use pneumatic devices and flippers to over turn competitive robots. It is quite conceivable to substitute air muscles for pneumatic cylinders in these robots and thereby improve the strength to weight ration. In addition alignment for these flexible pneumatic devices are very forgiving. Thereby allowing the builder an easier construction since the robot may be built with far more open tolerances.

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