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CMUCam System: Complete CMU Camera System for PC

CMUCam Pro

The CMU Vision System is based on the object tracking technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University.

The CMU-01 Pro software, feature above, is included in the package. This system will allow one to explore all the vision tracking properties of the CMU-01 camera, using the serial port of a Windows Based PC. Connection of the CMU camera requires one serial port. For additional tracking features to be utilized, such as real time tracking via SMC-04 servo motor controller requires a second available serial port on the PC.

To fully utilize this system the Windows PC requires two available serial ports.

  • Robotic X-Y axis Base
  • SMC-04 Servo Motor Controller
  • CMU-01 Camera
  • CMU-01 Pro Software

Video 1: Tracking window showing red object being tracked in X, Y and Z dimensions

High resolution video (2.5 MB)
Low resolution video (0.5 MB)

Video 2: Tracking red object using pan and tilt base with servo motors connected to X and Y dimensions.

High resolution video (2.5 MB)
Low resolution video (0.4 MB)

More videos coming soon...

CMU01-XY - $339.95
CMUCam System - Kit

CMU01-XYA - $474.95
CMUCam System - Assembled and Ready to Use

Tracker C-Bot

Servobotics Artifical Vision Object Tracking Robot

CMUCam Pro

The C-Bot tracker is based on the object tracking technology developed at Carnegie Mellon for the CMU-01 Camera.

The C-bot will track an object in X,Y and Z directions. A up and down servo motor tracks in the Y direction. Horizontal (X) and distance (Z) directions are driven by two continuous rotation servo motors.

The C-Bot will track any object placed in front of the CMU camera lens. It will track in the x direction by turning left or right to follow an object. In the z direction, the C-bot will stay a predetermine distance away. If the target moves away, the C-bot will follow a target until it reaches a predetermined distance away from the object where it will stop. If the object is moved closer to the C-bot than the predetermined distance, the C-bot will back away from the object.

C-Bot has an on board LCD screen to communicate to the user. In testing mode the LCD helps determine which object makes a good target and provides data on how well that target tracks in the X,Y and X axis.

In the run mode, the LCD provides instructions for target capture only, and then LCD communication is discontinued while the C-Bot tracks its target.

C-Bot Article

Kit includes CMU Pro program, see below

C-Bot $199.95
C-Bot Kit (requires assembly, with cable)

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