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Servomotor Gripper

Servo Gripper


Gripper Assembly mates easily with two servos, one to open and close the fingers, and a second servo which acts as the gripper's "wrist". Perfect for making your own robotic arm. The gripper can accommodate objects up to about .9" (23 mm). Compatible with many Futaba and HiTec servo motors, like HS-322, HS-325, HS-422, HS-425, and more.

For use with HiTec HS-322 servos.

Item #SG-01 Servo Gripper $17.95

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Universal Servo Motor Bracket Assembly

Assembled Bracket with servo motor
(servo motor not included)

SUB-01 Shown above.
Additional Servo Motor Bracket Information

Universal Servomotor Bracket Assembly.

Use to create your own robotic projects; arms, snakes, walkers, pan and tilt platforms, etc.

Bracket assembly makes it easy to connect multiple servo motors to one another to create servo motor robotics and projects. Each aluminum bracket has multiple holes for connecting; plates, holders, servo motor horns as well as holes for connecting brackets to one another. Each assembly consists of the following components: two aluminum brackets, (1) binding head post screw, (4) small sheet metal screws, (4) 6-32 plastic screws with nuts and instructions. The SUB-01 Servomotor Bracket assembly has additional holes in the bottom portion of the bracket. Fits many HiTec and Futba servo motors including HS-322, HS-325, HS-422, HS-425 and many more.

SUB-01 - $12.50
Servomotor Bracket Assembly

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1, 4, 5 and 8 Servomotor Controller Boards- Offering Manual & PC Control

4 Servomotor Controller pictured left.

Images SI Inc's servo motor controller boards allows you to control servo motors independently via onboard three-position switches or through your Windows PC's serial port.

Windows 98/XP programs are freely available for downloading. Window programs include speed control, script writing and script playback. See Typical Screen image of Windows program below.

Three pin headers make it easy to connect servo motors - just plug them in. Powered by either a 9V battery or the on-board power supply, which allows you to use a wide range of AC Adapters (7-12 VDC or 7-12 VAC). Available in kit form or pre-assembled and tested. Compatible with most HiTec and Futba hobby servo motors, including the HS-50, HS-81, HS-85, HS-322, HS-325, HS-422, HS-425 and HS-475.

Click here for complete descriptions of our available servo motor controller boards and program downloads.


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Servomotor Reverser

Servomotor Reverser

Images SI Inc's servo motor reverser with a standard "J" connector. Fits inline between your servo motor and AM, FM (receiver) or PCM systems. Includes Y-Connector for use with two servo motors. When installed in line with any two servo motors, one servo motor will move in the opposite direction of the other servo motor. (compatible with HS-300, HS-322, HS-325, HS-425, HS-475).

SMR-01 - $18.50
Servomotor Reverser

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HiTec Acrylic Servomotor Wheels

Servomotor wheels are available in white, black and transparent plastic. Wheels are 3.1" in diameter with hi-grip rubber tires. Can support 20 lbs. Black Servomotor Wheel

White Servomotor Wheel

Rubber tire provides deep ridge for plastic wheel to fit into and provides superior traction. Perfect for use with Hitech HS1425CR Continuous Rotation servomotor.

All our wheels incorporate Hi-Tec round servo horn hole pattern to attach onto Hi-Tec servo motor horn using four small screws.

* wheel color selection is at the sole discretion of Images SI Inc. and availability. *

Wheels attach to the standard Hi-Tec round servomotor horn, included as a standard part with the Hi-Tec servomotor. Four small sheet metal screws are provided to attach wheel to servomotor horn.

More Information

Servomotor Wheel -- Free with purchase of Hitec Servomotor(s).
Make sure number of servomotors ordered and in the shopping cart are greater than or equal to number of wheels ordered or order will not be processed.

Hitec Servomotor Wheel
Price $3.50

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Servomotor Breadboard Connector

The servo motor breadboard connector makes it easy to connect servo motors to components on a solderless breadboard. Plug the connector into the solderless breadboard. Connections are then made laterally to the connector terminals. The female 3-connector socket from a servo motor plugs into the topside of the connector.

These three pin, male-to-male headers are also useful for joining any other type of three pin socket into each other or prototyping boards.

SBC-01 - $0.75
Servomotor Breadboard Connector

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Servo Extensions

Servo extensions can be used anywhere in a radio system -- between the receiver and servo, the battery and switch harness, the switch harness and receiver or the charger and switch harness -- allowing you to space components farther apart with more flexibility.

SXT-6 - $1.25
Servomotor Extension (6")

SXT-12 - $1.75
Servomotor Extension (12")

SXT-24 - $4.50
Servomotor Extension (24") (2 12" Servo Extensions together to make 24" Servo Extension)

Choose Assembled or Kit:

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Robotic Base Kit

Robotic Platform Base

robot base view 1

Robot base uses standard size servo motor.

Servo motor base can rotate platform in CW and CCW direction. Degrees of rotation is to the extend of the servo motor used.

Platform can support 50 lbs or more. Precision bearing supports and keeps weight off the servo motor bearing.

SMB-01 Kit $ 64.95
(Without servo motor)

SMB-02 Kit $ 77.95
(With HS-422 servo motor)

SMB-02A Assembled $ 96.95
(With HS-422 servo motor)

Choose Model:

Compatible with the following HiTec servo motors:
HS-311, HS-322, HS-325, HS-422, HS-425BB, HS-475, HS-525BB, HS-525MG, HS-545BB, HS-625MG, HS-635HB, HS-645MG, HS-925MG, HS-945MG, HS-5475HB, HS,5625, HS-5925MG, HS-5945MG, HS-5955TG, HSR-5995TG, HSC-5996TG, HSC-5997TG, HSC-5998TG, HS-6635HB, HS-6965HB, HS-6975HB, HS-6985HB

Compatible with the following Futaba servo motors:
S-148, S-3001, S-3003, S-3004, S-3005, S-3010, S-9001, S-9202, S-9206, S-9402, S-9405

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