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PlayStation PS2 Record-Playback Servomotor
Controller Interface

Manual servomotor controller for:
Robotics, Animatronics and Motion Control

The PS2 PlayStation Record-Playback Servo Motor Controller Interface is a small dc powered interface board that will record and playback up to 5 minutes of servo motion for four (4) standard 5 Vdc hobby (R/C type) servo motors. (Hitec/Futaba) [Not Included].

* PS2 controller and servo motors are not included.

The four servomotors are controlled using the two joysticks on the controller. Each joystick controls two servo motors. The X and Y direction of each joystick each controls a servo motor. This totals four servomotors.

PS-SMC-06 PlayStation Servomotor Controller

Servomotor speed is proportional to the tilt of the joystick.

To record servo motor movements user presses a button on PS2 to start recording. Recording sessions record the four servomotor channels simultaneously for up to five minutes. User uses PS2 to control the servo motors during recording session. To stop recording user presses another button on PS2 controller.

Once recorded user may playback the session with or without the playstation controller attached. Allows for continuous loop playback of all servomotor movements recorded.

No programming or host computer is required. The PS2 Interface is a stand alone device that uses the PS2 to record and playback both the servomotor movements and servomotor speed. PS2 controller is not required for playback.

**PlayStation PS2 Controller and Servomotors Not Included** pssmc
** PlayStation and PS2 are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. **

Integrated Power Supply (IPS)

Our new IPS (Integrated Power Supply) line of servo motor controllers allows you to use a variety of inexpensive power supplies to run both your controller board and servomotors. Use available power supplies; transformers, batteries, wall transformers, etc. anything from 6V to 30V either AC or DC. The IPS system will regulate the power to run your servomotors efficiently. Power is supplied through 2.5mm power socket on board.

Instructions for connecting an external power supply to the servomotors PDF File (766 Kb)

Kits - require assembly and soldering

PS-SMC-04 - $97.62
Play Station Servo Motor Controller with memory(kit)

Assembled and tested

PS-SMC-04A - $126.78
Playstation Servo Motor Controller with memory (assembled)

ACA-6VDC - $19.95
AC Adapter
ACA-5DC-10A - $49.95
Servomotor Controller Switching Power Supply

Choose Assembled or Kit: