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Two-Directional Bi-Flex Sensors™

(** Discontinued **)

Two-Directional Bi-Flex Sensors™ - FLX-01

The Bi-Flex Sensor™ is a component that changes resistance when bent. An un-flexed sensor has a nominal resistance of 10,000 ohms (10 K). As the flex sensor is bent in either direction the resistance gradually decreases. Bi-Flex sensors are experimental sensors. No warranty is provided on the lifetime or stability of resistance.
Sensor is also pressure sensitive, and may be used as a force or pressure sensor
The flex sensor operating temperature is -45F to 125F.

Bi-Directional Flex Sensor

The sensor measures 3/8 inch wide, 4 1/2 inches long and only .038 inches thick!
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flex sensor operation

Customer Projects
Interactive Learning Glove

Some applications for the Flex Sensor are:

  • Collision detection on mobile robots
  • VR Gloves and VR suits
  • Physics applications and experiments
  • Bi-Flex sensors are experimental sensors, see note below.

FLX-01 - Discontinued

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