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Wimshurst Machine

This machine produces large static electric sparks for a terrific classroom demonstration. No assembly required, simply attach the hand crank, begin cranking, and watch in wonder as the sparks fly. Instruction guide and helpful hints are included with each unit.

Unit consists of two high resistance 25cm plastic discs, with equally spaced metal sectors. The discs are supported in two rigid upright supports, rotating in opposite directions with a hand crank. Provided with a system of induced charge collecting brushes, adjustable ball-ended electrodes, and cylindrical Leyden jar capacitors for obtaining higher potentials. Produces substantial opposite charges, which are deposited in the capacitors and on the metal spheres. A rapid sequence of sparks can be generated by lowering the system capacitance (moving the metal spheres closer together).

Mounted on an insulated wooden base.

Video low resolution

Video hi resolution

Wimhurst Machine - $84.95

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