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OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge


Images Scientific Instruments newest addition to our robotics offerings is the OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge. Control the arm with the standard manual remote control provided. Or control the robotic arm using Images Serial PC Windows Controller. Software allows user to program scripts using Images PC USB Interface for Windows (see screen shot from program below). Some of the added features of this robotic arm include a search light design on the gripper and a safety gear audible indicator is included on all five gear boxes to prevent injury or gear breakage during operation.

Video Demo

Product Information

  • Weight: 658 g
  • Lifting Capacity: 100 g
  • 9.0" L x 6.3" W x 15.0" H
  • Power Source: 4 D Cell Batteries (not included)
  • Maximum Vertical Reach: 15"
  • Maximum Horizontal Reach: 12.6"
  • Wrist Motion Range: 120°
  • Elbow Motion Range: 300°
  • Base Motion (shoulder) Range: 180°
  • Base Rotation Range: 270°

OWI-535 - $61.95
Robotic Arm Kit (unassembled)
OWI535A - $164.95
Robotic Arm (assembled)

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USB Interface for OWI-535

Windows Software ScreenshotThe RAI-Pro USB robotic arm interface kit connects the OWI's 535 Robotic Arm Edge (tm) to a Windows personal computer USB port. The interface software allows real time interactive control, plus contains a built-in interactive script writer. A user may write a script that contains up to 99 individual robotic arm functions (including pauses) into a single script file. Script files may be saved and loaded from disk just like any other standard computer file.

Script files may be replayed up to 99 times for demonstrating computer controlled automation and animatronics. The Robotic Arm PC Interface creates a fun way of learning and experimenting with computer automation and animatronics. Interface may be purchased as a kits requiring soldering and assembly or pre-assembled and tested. see prices below.

Features RAI-PRO Competitive Interface
Supports both 007 and 535 Robotic Arms Feature Available Feature Unvailable
Simple Plug In - No modification to Robotic Arm Required! Feature Available Feature Unvailable
Allows easy switching to manual control Feature Available Feature Unvailable
True Interactive Programming Feature Available Feature Unvailable

USB Windows OWI Interface The Interface Kit Includes:

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista programs (OWI-535 & OWI-007)
  • Printed Circuit Board for easy construction
  • All components
  • USB cable

Download Windows USB Software 2000/XP/Vista (zip file 2.5 Mb)
Flash Animation Software Tutorials

RAI-Pro - $44.00
OWI-535 USB Arm Interface (Kit, requires soldering)
RAI-ProA - $59.95
OWI-535 USB Interface (assembled and tested)

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Speech Controlled Robotic Arm Edge (OWI535)

Speech Controlled OWI-535 Robotic Arm

The SCRA-01 incorporates three kits; the OWI Robotic Arm, SR-06 Speech Recognition Circuit and the SRI-01 OWI speech interface circuit. By connecting these kits together you create a powerful speech control system capable of controlling the OWI-Robotic Arm Trainer using voice commands.

The SR-06 speech recognition circuit allows you to train any word(s) in any laguage to control the robotic arm.

You can purchase the kits seperately and build your system slowly or purchase them bundled together. Kits may be purchased as kets needing assembly or assembled and tested. see prices below.

SCRA-02 - $280.58
Speech Controlled Robotic Arm Kit (unassembled)
SCRA-02A - $474.95
Speech Controlled Robotic Arm (assembled)

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Speech Recgonition Interface for the OWI Robotic Arm

Speech Recognition Interface for the OWI Robotic Arm

The Speech Controller Kit connects the SR-07 Speech Recognition Kit to the OWI Robotic Arm to allow control of the robotic arm using voice commands. Each robotic function is controlled by a spoken word. The user teaches the speech recognition circuit to recognize their voice and commands. Users can select their own words to control robotic arm function.

SRI-01* - $95.55
OWI 535 Speech Recognition Interface (Kit, requires soldering)
SRI-01A* - $130.41
OWI 535 Speech Recognition Interface (assembled and tested)

* Requires both the SR-07 Speech Recognition Circuit and OWI 535 Robotic Arm Trainer (above).

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