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Create Your Own Robot

For all those robotic projects you've been putting off.

Servo Motor Building Blocks for Creating Robots & Animatronics


Universal Servomotor Bracket Assembly

Use our servo motor brackets to create your own robotic projects; arms, snakes, walkers, pan and tilt platforms, etc. Bracket assembly makes it easy to connect multiple servo motors to one another to create servo motor robotics and animatronic projects.

You can make different exciting robots with these servomotor brackets!

Create different robots that use between 3 to 8 servo motor brackets. Servomotors can be controller and programmed using Images Servo Motor Controller boards. They're easy to build, come with default motions, and are fully customizable. Robots you can build can be the snake, the inchworm, the golf bot, the 5legged spider, legged animal, the drawing robot, the chemistry robot, and more! The possibilities are endless -- you can build your own, completely original robot with our easy to use brackets!

five leg spider robot inchworm robot

Five Leg Spider Bot & InchWorm Bot (more Robot Pictures Coming Soon)

More on the Servo Motor Brackets
Each aluminum bracket has multiple holes for connecting; plates, holders, servo motor horns as well as holes for connecting brackets to one another. Each assembly consists of the following components: two aluminum brackets, (1) binding head post screw, (4) small sheet metal screws, (4) 6-32 plastic screws with nuts and instructions. The SUB-01 Servomotor Bracket assembly has additional holes in the bottom portion of the bracket. Fits many HiTec and Futaba servo motors see compatibility chart below.

Compatible with the following HiTec servo motors:
HS-311, HS-322, HS-325, HS-422, HS-425BB, HS-475, HS-525BB, HS-525MG, HS-545BB, HS-625MG, HS-635HB, HS-645MG, HS-925MG, HS-945MG, HS-5475HB, HS,5625, HS-5925MG, HS-5945MG, HS-5955TG, HSR-5995TG, HSC-5996TG, HSC-5997TG, HSC-5998TG, HS-6635HB, HS-6965HB, HS-6975HB, HS-6985HB

Compatible with the following Futaba servo motors:
S-148, S-3001, S-3003, S-3004, S-3005, S-3010, S-9001, S-9202, S-9206, S-9402, S-9405

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SUB-01 - $12.50
Servo motor Bracket Assembly

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