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Servobotics Robotic Arm Model RA-02

Robotic Arm Kit (Manual & PC Windows Control)

Robotic Arm RA-02 Six Servomotor Robotic Arm Kit includes:

6 Servomotors
Servomotor Brackets
Robotic Arm Base
Servomotor Reverser
Servomotor Gripper
Servomotor Controller Kit
includes: PCB and components
Instruction Manual
CD with Windows Programs

The RA-02 Robotic Arm teaches basic robotic principles. The RA-02 kit includes all components necessary to build the robotic arm shown at left.

The robotic arm kit also includes the SMC-05 servomotor controller kit. The servomotor kit includes the pcb and all components necessary to build the servomotor controller (soldering is required). Using the 5-position servomotor controller see picture below one can control the robotic arm using the onboard three position switches to manually to grab, lift, lower, wrist rotate and pivot.

In addition the Windows (98/XP) control software Free Download Available! allows PC control through one of your PC's serial port. The windows program has a script writing feature that allows one to program the robotic arm with thousands of movements with full, precise and repeatable control of each movement. Scripts may hold a maximum of 10,000 movements (including pauses) with a maximum repetition of 10, 000.

Construction Manual -Coming Soon

View Robotic Arm Movement

Instructions for connecting an external power supply to the servomotors

5-Position Servomotor Controller Kit (requires assembly)

SMC-05 v2


Five Axes of Motion
Base rotation ~160 degrees
Shoulder moving range ~160 degrees
Elbow moving range ~160 degrees
Wrist moving range ~160 degrees
Gripper open and close 32 mm (1.25")
Lifting capacity N/A
Height ~15.5"
Maximum Horizontal Reach ~12"



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Screen Image

Download 5-servo controller program for Windows 98 (2.4 MB)
Download 5-servo controller program for Windows XP (2.4 MB)
for non-commercial use only*
* Commercial Applications must be licensed


Servomotor Power Supply Servobotics general purpose power supply for use with Images' Servomotor Controllers SMC-04, SMC-05, SMC-08 and the RA-02. 10 Amps Output.

  • 5V up to 10A output
  • 110V-220V input
  • Comes with 2-prong US/Canada/Japan - for other countries use a basic plug adapter. 112cm (44in) long cable
  • 2,1mm output plug. 110cm (42in) long cable
  • Body size is 14cm x 6cm x 3.3cm (5.5" x 2.4" x 1.3")
  • Weight: 420g / 0.925 lb


RA-02 $449.95
Unassembled Robotic Arm Kit
RA-02A $599.95
Assembled Robotic Arm Kit
ACA-5DC-10A - $49.95
Servomotor Controller Switching Power Supply

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PlayStation PS2 Servomotor Controller Interface

Images Scientific Instruments Inc. PS2 PlayStation Servo Motor Controller Interface allows manual control of six hobby servo motors using the PlayStation PS2 (Wired or Wireless). (Hitec/Futaba) [Not Included].

PS-SMC-06 PlayStation Servomotor Controller

The servomotors are controlled using the two joysticks on the controller. X and Y direction of each joystick each controls a servomotor. This totals four servomotors. To control servomotors numbered 5 and 6, one presses and holds the left shoulder button, while using the right joystick.

Servomotor speed is proportional to the tilt of the joystick.

Rumble feature activates when servomotors reach the end of their rotation in both the clockwise (CW) and counter clockwise (CCW) rotations.

New Mobile platform mode.
In this mode Servomotor1 and Servomotor2 are configured as differential drive in a moving platform using Continuous Rotation Servomotors see illustration below. See manual (PDF 270K) for complete descriptions of modes available.

**PlayStation PS2 Controller and Servomotors Not Included**

pssmc pssmc alt

Newly redesign PC board allows user to cut PC board down to smaller size for use on mobile robots.

pssmc top view pssmc pcb

** PlayStation and PS2 are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. **

Integrated Power Supply (IPS)

Our new IPS (Integrated Power Supply) line of servo motor controllers allows you to use a variety of inexpensive power supplies to run both your controller board and servomotors. Use available power supplies; transformers, batteries, wall transformers, etc. anything from 6V to 30V either AC or DC. The IPS system will regulate the power to run your servomotors efficiently. Power is supplied through 2.5mm power socket on board.

Instructions for connecting an external power supply to the servomotors PDF File (866 Kb)
mobile platform









Kits - require assembly and soldering

PS-SMC-06-03K - $98.13
3 amp Servo Motor Controller (kit)
PS-SMC-06-05K - $113.58
5 amp Servo Motor Controller (kit)

Assembled and tested

PS-SMC-06-03A - $140.16
3 amp Servo Motor Controller (assembled)
PS-SMC-06-05A - $148.17
5 amp Servo Motor Controller (assembled)

ACA-6VDC - $19.95
AC Adapter
ACA-5DC-10A - $49.95
Servomotor Controller Switching Power Supply

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