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PIC Microcontrollers

The following table of microcontrollers provide the speed and I/O pins available on each microcontroller. Additional information is available from the data sheets and may be downloaded by selecting that particular microcontroller within the table.

PIC Microcontrollers

PIC16F628-20 20 MHz, 4Kx14 Flash, 16 I/O $3.58 Datasheet
PIC12F683 20 MHz, 6 I/O $1.38 Datasheet
PIC16F877 20 MHz, 8Kx14 $6.50 Datasheet
PIC16F84-20 20 MHz, 4Kx14 Flash, 13 I/O $4.24 Datasheet
PIC16F873-20 0-20 MHz, 4Kx14 Flash, 24 I/O $4.96 Datasheet
PIC18F2455 12Kx14 Flash, 24 I/O $4.95 Datasheet
PIC16F88 4Kx14 Flash, 16 I/O $3.22 Datasheet

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