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CodeDesigner IDE for PICBasic & PICBasic Pro Compilers

CodeDesigner? PicBasic Edition is an advanced Windows 95/98/NT/2000 based integrated development environment (IDE) for the PicBasic and PicBasic Pro compilers from microEngineering Labs, Inc. CodeDesigner has many of the advanced editor features found in Visual Basic. Features like Auto Code Completion, pop-up statement syntax, and PicBasic statement sensitive help will speed project development. Reduce time spent hunting down errors with CodeDesigner's ability to quickly navigate error lines, highlight errors, and display error descriptions.


Some of the Advanced Features of CodeDesigner include:

  • AutoCodeCompletion - CodeDesigner makes writing code much easier with smart pop-up list boxes that can automatically fill in statements and parameters for you.
  • Multi Document Support
  • Line Error Highlighting - Compile your PicBasic Project and CodeDesigner will read error data and highlight error lines.
  • QuickSyntaxHelp - The QuickSyntaxHelp feature displays statement syntax when you type in a valid PicBasic statement.
  • Statement Description - Statement descriptions are displayed in the status bar when you type in a valid PicBasic statement.
  • Statement Help - Simply position your cursor over a PicBasic statement and get statement specific help.
  • Label Listbox - The label listbox displays the current label and allows you to select a label from the list to jump to selected label .
  • Colored PicBasic Syntax - Set colors for Reserved Words, Strings, Numbers, Comments, Defines, ETC. Colored PicBasic Syntax makes for easy code reading.
  • Bookmarks - Never lose your place again. CodeDesigner allows you to set bookmarks.
  • Multi Undo/Redo - Didn't want to delete that last line? No Problem simply click on the undo button.
  • Multi Views - Multiple views of your source code allow you to easily edit your code.
  • Print Source Code
  • Drag and Drop Text
  • Row / Column-based Insert, Delete, and Copy
  • Search and Replace
  • Compile and launch device programmer

Download a free evaluation version:
(limited to 150 lines of code)

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CodeDesigner for PICBasic (Hobby)

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CodeDesigner for PICBasic & PICBasic Pro (Standard)

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