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DMAD: RS232 Functionality


DMAD Expansion Module for Geiger Counters*

Digital AdapterThe New Digital Meter Adapter is now a universal expansion module. It is a combination of the original Digital Meter Adapter, RS 232 interface adapter & Random Number Generator Adapter. The new DMAD has all three functionalities in one module to enhance the capabilities of Geiger Counters.RS-2323 Adapter Cable Included with the DMAD Module

This Digital Adapter plugs into the digital out of the analog geiger counters and provides an RS-232 computer output for use with Images Company Geiger Counter Graphing program.

Radiation Detection Program

The Windows Geiger Counter program is free to download:

Download Digital Geiger Counter charting software for Windows XP (3 MB).

Download Digital Geiger Counter charting software for Windows 98 (3 MB).
for non-commercial use only*

The adapter is compatible with analog meter geiger counters that use either an internal tube or a wand with shielded cable.

May be Purchased as a kit or assembled and tested

* Commercial Applications must be licensed

acrylic dmad stand

DMAD-03 - $59.95
Digital Meter Adapter Kit (Kit Requires Assembly)

DMAD-03A - $89.95
Digital Meter Adapter (Assembled and Tested)

*Requires Analog Geiger Counter GCK-01, GCK-02 or GCA-03 series

RS232-Cable - $15.95
Optional RS232 Cable (if needed)

USB-3.5mm - 24.95

Acrylic Stand - $10.95

Choose Kit or Assembled:

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